Back in 2015, a member, one Tony Burley, proposed that we take
on the task of helping financially, students who are interested in
student exchange programs between Welsh and Arizonan Universities.
We were fortunate in that NAU (Northern Arizona University) had just
signed an agreement with Cardiff University, on Student exchanges
between their respective Engineering colleges.
In order for this vision to become a reality we had to embrace a
fund-raising campaign. We set our sights on presenting a reading of
Dylan Thomas’ “Child’s Christmas in Wales” in December 2016.
Fortunately another member, Neil Wright, had theatre experience,
which landed him immediately with the role of Performance Director!
Our President at the time, John Good persuaded a Harpist to join him
in a pre Reading performance of Welsh tunes. We practiced every week
at a theater made available by a local school (Wright family again).

On the 4 th December 2016, we put on our performance at the Irish
Cultural Center (ICC) in Phoenix. We did not know what to expect
audience wise, so could hardly believe it when people were lined up
after the show had started, at the ticket table. The ICC staff had to
continually bring in extra tables and chairs! Apart from a few first night
jitters, we performed excellently. We exceeded our financial goals and
were then ready to fund our first student.

Next time – experiences with our Students