Also related to the loss of a loved one is this elegy from Rona Laycock,
who lives in the UK and is currently working towards a PhD at Swansea University.

She writes, “My poem commemorates the day I took my mother’s ashes to be buried
in the family cemetery overlooking the most beautiful place in the world.
It is a little sad but we celebrated her life, which she lived to the full.”

From up here I watch
as the tide attacks.
Sweeping round the curves,
grinding away at the shore,
harrowing the sandbanks.

It has no choice but to come,
a higher power wills it,
pulls it away from its bed
and drives it up the funnel
between the fields
where sheep still cry
for lost lambs.

I remember you telling me
that at Penmaenpool
its bullying ways cost lives,
barging a boat onto sturdy struts,
up-ending and shattering.
Frail and hardy alike
pitted their strength
against the moon,
becoming fragile flotsam.

In mourning I carried you
away from your unloved South
and brought you here.

This winter Tuesday,
above the Mawddach,
I have kept my promise.