David Llewellyn Morgan
Baden, Pennsylvania, USA
14 Jan 2005

“Pwy sy’n fel ni?” Said my dad to me as we sat in a pub looking out
towards the sea. “Neb” I said and “neb” said he as he ordered
another pint.

“Pwy sy’n fel ni?” No people on the earth who can sing like the Welsh,
Dad said to his son. The pub keeper nodded agreeing as did
Mr. Jenkins and Pugh. All agreed proud of their quaint little race.
Then the stories were told of the warriors from long ago. King Arthur
and Merlin and archers requested by Nations of the world.

Dylan Thomas and Sir Richard and our holy Dewi Sant,
All of the men asked. Nobody! we all replied. I remember that day with
Dad who is gone and took my son to the center of town. The Welsh
Flag flew as I held his little hand. “Pwy sy’n fel ni?” I asked and he
looked at the Dragon flying high, “Neb!”

Writer’s note:
Pwy sy’n fel ni is Welsh for “Who is like us?”
Neb is Welsh for “Nobody.”