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Welsh League of Arizona


4 years ago, a member of the Welsh League of Arizona, one Tony Burley, proposed that we take up the mission of promoting and financing student exchanges between US and Welsh Universities. This week we got a message from the first Student who participated in the program. He announced that he had achieved a [...]

Welsh League of Arizona2020-08-19T19:41:42+00:00

Welsh League of Arizona and it’s Student Exchange


Back in 2015, a member, one Tony Burley, proposed that we take on the task of helping financially, students who are interested in student exchange programs between Welsh and Arizonan Universities. We were fortunate in that NAU (Northern Arizona University) had just signed an agreement with Cardiff University, on Student exchanges between their respective [...]

Welsh League of Arizona and it’s Student Exchange2020-04-02T20:14:23+00:00

The Mawddach Estuary


Also related to the loss of a loved one is this elegy from Rona Laycock, who lives in the UK and is currently working towards a PhD at Swansea University. She writes, “My poem commemorates the day I took my mother’s ashes to be buried in the family cemetery overlooking the most beautiful place [...]

The Mawddach Estuary2020-01-22T17:22:08+00:00

Dyma nhw


Last year our dear friend Ruth Leggin was tragically killed in an accident on her way home from working at the Highland Games festival. As Welsh League celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we remember the untimely passing of Ruth and others. from Bill Brazelton As there was a shyness, on her place in our hearts [...]

Dyma nhw2020-01-22T17:26:37+00:00

Growing Up


Caitlyn Johnston Tucson, AZ copyright 8 Feb 2003 Horsie little girls grow up to be Ladies of the Lake, to whom others look up when they start to wake. Dispensing wisdom from the trees Horsey Old Women grin as they talk to the shadows, exchanging secrets with the sea. But you’d never know by [...]

Growing Up2020-01-22T17:30:47+00:00

Hiraeth Green


Caitlyn Johnston Tucson, AZ copyright 18 Sept 2004 The greens of Lady Sonora are pea-green and sage, a wilted khaki olive or anemic yellowish green. Emerald appears only after rain. Yet they tear out the desert blossom by fuchsia blossom. and the lady of the Sun withers. Hair by Javelina hair she blows away [...]

Hiraeth Green2020-01-22T17:31:10+00:00

The Mist of Cymru


Don Evans Central Arizona, USA 17 Oct 2004 Lo, ye land of Merlin’s myth, where Draco dwells neath Arthur’s monolith. It bids thee welcome to the ancient spirits quest, longing for the hour of it’s final rest. Where knights once searched for hidden treasure, now, bard and yeomen seek thy pleasure. Low green vale [...]

The Mist of Cymru2020-01-22T17:29:57+00:00

Afon Gamlan


Lynn Watts Tucson, AZ, USA 20 Oct 2004 In forest glade by streams at home Spirits of air and water roam. By wind through trees, by waterfalls, Goddess of Life – to me she calls. I shall go and see her there. Sounds of cascades on the air. Sometimes gentle, soft and mild; Often [...]

Afon Gamlan2020-01-22T17:33:21+00:00

Pwy sy’n fel ni?


David Llewellyn Morgan Baden, Pennsylvania, USA 14 Jan 2005 “Pwy sy’n fel ni?” Said my dad to me as we sat in a pub looking out towards the sea. “Neb” I said and “neb” said he as he ordered another pint. “Pwy sy’n fel ni?” No people on the earth who can sing like [...]

Pwy sy’n fel ni?2020-01-22T17:35:18+00:00

Welsh Sunday


David Llewellyn Morgan Baden Pennsylvania, USA 14 Jan 2005 After chapel singing as we walked home Tea laid out on the table in a picturesque way Good Caerphilly and cheddar cheese, homemade bread and butter with gooseberry jam, beef on a platter with mash Father sat in his chair savoring every puff of his [...]

Welsh Sunday2020-01-22T17:38:14+00:00
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